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For "Pre-order" products
*Please read very carefully before ordering.

As a slow-fashion luxury brand, we aim to produce our collections ethically and promote responsible consumption to our customers. Based on our values, we decided for some of our products to adopt the concept of pre-order. 


The pre-order model is designed to allow the manufacturer to produce items after receiving the order/ payment. It’s based on a relationship of trust between the brand and the consumer.


  1. The pre-order process will start after the customer sends an e-mail to “” with the product reference and size.
    (Applies only to “Inquire only” products, the others you can purchase directly on our website).

  2. From this, we will send an invoice with a payment link through PAYPAL.
    (Customers must pay within four days after the invoice is sent, or the order will be nulled.)

  3. Pre-order payments are split into two instalments. The customer is required to pay the first instalment that starts the production of their order. 

  4. The production will last between one to two months, depending on the availability of the materials. We will keep you informed throughout the production process. 

  5. Then, the invoice for the second instalment will be sent before we release your order. The shipping fee will also be added depending on the customer's delivery location.
    (Customers must pay within four days after the invoice is sent, or the order will be nulled.)

  6. Your order is shipped through DHL Express with tracking, and Saalection will not handle the delivery fees unless your order is over £1200. Shipment time will take around 5 to 7 working days, depending on your location. Any possible charges or customs fees upon arrival of the package will be at your expense.

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